Medical and scientific illustration
(traditional, digital 2D and 3D) as well as graphic design and layout for print and web materials.

Stefanie Lenk (MSc Medical Art) has a solid ground knowledge of anatomy through participation in human dissection as well as observation of hospital operations. She is well versed in modern and professional medical visualisation methods and techniques including 3D reconstruction, modelling and texturing using different 3D/animation software.

She has worked with CT Data, 3D scanning, as well as haptic technologies, and has solid scientific and academic research skills to ensure incorporation of reliable and up-to-date medical information when necessary for project work.

Memberships/ Affiliations
• Member of the Association Européenne des Illustrateurs Médicaus et Scientifiques (Europe) (Europe)
• Member of BIOMAB
(Biological and Medical Art in Belgium)
• Registered Medical Illustration Practitioner

2015 Autodesk / Pier 9 workshop/residency program (San Francisco)
Participation in a four month curated residency using Pier 9 facilities and workshops to create content for Workshops and experience in 3D scanning, modelling and printing, Lasercutting/ etching, electronics and introduction Arduino programming, CNC Omax Waterjet, and woodworking.

Selected clients / project work

Vesalius Continuum (Belgium/Zakynthos)
Körperwelten (Bodyworlds) GmBH (Guben)
Interdisziplinäres Beckenboden Zentrum (Berlin)
Elsevier / School of Osteopathy (Hamburg)
Holistic Psychiatry NYC (New York)
GeoZentrum / Friedrich-Alexander Universität (Erlangen)
Neuron Journal of Neuroscience / Dr. Edward Zagha (USA)
Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh)
Gebrüder Betz Firma für 3D medizinische Visualizierungen (Berlin)

Skill set
- 8 years professional graphic design, illustration and pre-press/production experience
- professionalism, reliability in meeting deadlines
- quick learner, creative problem solving skills, works well both independently and in a team, highly organized and able to work under pressure.
- flexibility with changes and criticism
- specialists’ knowledge in medical industry with regards to illustration/layout (advice on how best to present this information visually)

Englisch (mother tongue) | Deutsch (fluent) | Français (intermediate)

12 | Prize for best exhibition (MSc Medical Art | University of Dundee)
12 | Institute for Medical Illustrators' student scholarship
11 | Pat Turnbull travel award
05 | Book Publishers’ Professionals Association scholarship