anatomy and dissection


image © 2012 by Lisa Temple Cox

Memberships/ Affiliations
• Member of the Association Européenne des Illustrateurs Médicaus et Scientifiques (Europe) (Europe)
• Member of BIOMAB
(Biological and Medical Art in Belgium)
• Registered Medical Illustration Practitioner

During her MSc studies Stefanie gained a comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy through participating in six months of medical dissection as well as direct observation of operations in hospital. 3D facial reconstruction in both sculpture and digital formats was completed with a focus on anatomical accuracy, and academic research into both anatomy and medical ethics was conducted throughout the year.

As a member of the BIOMAB organization (Art researches Science; Antwerp) Stefanie attends a dissection workshop run annually in conjunction with the University of Antwerp and the University of Ghent, where medical specialists in human anatomy dissect an upper and lower arm (deep frozen and thawed), an upper and lower leg (deep frozen and thawed), a full brain, a heart with its coronary vessels and two lungs with their network of bronchi, as well as preserved specimens from the permanent collection. (This workshop was expanded in 2013 to include veterinary medicine and dissection.) Medical artists present are allowed to ask questions, and receive explanations of the working of the anatomy, etc.

In August 2014 Stefanie worked at the Bodyworlds Plastination centre in Guben, Germany, preparing dissected specimens of the head for models used in the medical education industry. Her tasks were correct anatomical positioning of nerves, vasculature and musculature on specimens. (Download [german] reference letter here)

As well, Stefanie regularly attends workshops and conferences on anatomy and its importance in medicine in order to stay current with present trends in medical communications, the industry at large, and the increasing potential of an intersection between arts and sciences to improve medical communications.

Attended conferences include:
Art and the Medical Museum (Hunterian Museum London)
Vesalius Continuum (AEIMS and BIOMAB, Zakynthos, Greece)
Culture meets Surgery (ZFL Berlin)
Graphic Medicine (Brighton, England / Leeds, England)